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ULTRA POMPE S.r.l. - Via Goldoni 37, Trezzano sul Naviglio 20090, Milano, Italia - VAT number 00210510152

Our history 

ULTRA POMPE S.r.l., founded in 1957, was one of the first Italian firms  that completely design, produce and test external gear pumps in its own  workshops. Ultra’s success is based on satisfying customers’  requirement thorough efficient manufacturing and by providing quality  products and competitive pricing.  ULTRA POMPE has always and only manufactured gear pumps. We  have devoted all our efforts, energies and resources toward developing  and improving gear pumps.  ULTRA POMPE know-how and experience has been handed down  from one generation to the next. Due to this reason we have  accumulated a lot of direct experience in the last fifty years.  ULTRA POMPE maintain a large inventory of standard spare parts and  unassembled pump in its own stock, allowing us to quickly provide  complete pump or replacement spare parts for customer emergency.   Our strong points Compact enough to quickly provide innovative custom designs, but large enough to manufacture high volumes in a short time, ULTRA  POMPE invest every year in new technology for the automatization of its production lines. At today, each machinery in our factory has at  least one automatic backup in addition to one controlled manually. This allows us to avoid any production delays caused by machinery  crashes and to meet promised delivery.  ULTRA POMPE carries on in its own premises the whole of mechanical processing, gear cutting included, thus achieving an unparalleled  quality standard of the finished products.  Continually updating out technology and products designs allows ULTRA POMPE to provide the right gear pump or system for a variety of  processes and liquid, semi-fluid or emulsions.  Using of UNI/ISO/ANSI/DIN/MEC dimension significantly increase the possibility to substitute other pumps with our product, just making few  little modifications on the plant.